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blackVPN Router: Update our Control Panel manually

Unfortunately we found a bug in the update code installed on some of the earlier routers and they need to be updated manually.

Follow these easy steps and your router should be updated in a few minutes:
  1. onnect to your blackVPN router via WiFi or Ethernet
  2. Visit the DD-WRT control panel at (default login is blackvpn/blackvpn)
  3. Your browser will display a security warning. You will need to confirm the security exception to see the DD-WRT control panel. For example in Google Chrome you need to click Advanced then click Proceed to
  4. Click the tabs Administration -> Commands
  5. Copy + Paste the following text into the Commands window:
    wget -O /tmp/ && chmod 700 /tmp/ && sh /tmp/
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Run Commands" button.
  7. Wait a few minutes for the update. When your WiFi/Ethernet disconnects then reconnects then the router has rebooted.
  8. Visit our Control Panel at and you should be updated to the latest version 

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